Who Else Wants Their Life To Flow Like Water?


For Thoughts To Flow Like Water, Occasionally The Debris Must Be Cleared.

Sometimes, the most challenging part of thinking through a particular issue is maintaining focus. The thought process can be cluttered with life’s many moving pieces.

Distractions do stifle thought processes, but persist in trying to stem those distractions, as the ability to train the course of thoughts to run in one direction, uninhibited, like a stream that joins a river, gives that flow to your life.

Most of us experience annoying distractions from time to time. How you deal with those distractions can determine the success or failure of your focus.

Disengage from external disruptions like:

Television, phones, even friends and acquaintances at times.

Temporarily removing yourself from distraction encourages the momentum of thoughts, and facilitates ability to direct flow.

Perform mental exercises to clear mind debris.

Imagine clearing the fallen trees, branches, and litter from a stream—regularly clearing the waterway to ensure the stream can run its course into the river.

Rather than be swept up in the churn, calmly wait for focal thought to resurface, and then seize upon it.

Try practicing today calming your mind and maintaining focus. Strengthen your ability with each passing day.

Ask Yourself These Questions:

  1. What sort of exercises assist in strengthening my ability to focus?
  2. Is there a particular setting that best enables me to think clearly?
  3. What other distractions can I remove from my surroundings when I want to focus?

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