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"Veil Of Change"

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I understand that I will receive all 3 Modules of Veil Of Change which includes 9 Videos, 9 Booklets and 1 Workbook per Module -   a total of 27 Videos, 27 Booklets and 3 Workbooks:

Module 1

Lifting The Veil Of Clarity

Create that feeling of freedom by learning how to clear your mind and introduce methods to change any ingrained bad habits.

Access simple ways that will identify childhood emotional behaviors, some of which can stem from early infanthood, allowing insight towards change.

Identify and recognise those constant negative repetitive actions, you will learn how to obliterate them by using conscious thought practices

Plus learn how to get over those guilty feelings so you can make better decisions, saving you hours of anguish over things you cannot change.

Module 2

Dissolve The Veil Of Overwhelm

Get rid of your doubts, fears, worries and self limiting beliefs

Break free of your ‘worry’ habits and leave your mind free of clutter for better thoughts.

Did you know you are worried if you:  second guess, seek assurance and suppress your fears by avoiding issues.

Learn how you can allow others to be themselves – for their benefit and also for your benefit, so you can make an easier transition into your new behaviors

Module 3

Through The Veil of Happiness

Leave your mind open to new ideas by taking stock of your all your thoughts and dispose of ideas that are negative, harmful or that have come from others

Through the Veil of Happinesswill show you how to put priorities back into your life to guide you towards making the best decisions for you

It will enable you to foster happiness in yourself before attaining your goal as both motivation and happiness are inextricably entwined

I will also recieve the following 4 FREE BONUSES


Using Mindfulness To Enhance Your Life

Feel powerful and free, by paying attention to your environment, activities and thoughts at this present moment. Learn how to stay present and focused on your current task. This eBook plus worksheet will clarify your keys to success.


Positive Affirmations Books 1, 2 and 3

Use these affirmations as screen savers or print daily and keep handy in your pocket, over 100 affirmations in each book.

Positive Affirmation Book 1:  For happiness, peace, relaxation, procrastination

Positive Affirmation Book 2:  For positive thinking, confidence, motivation, success

Positive Affirmation Book 3: For change, goals, momentum, passion


The Power Of Laughter

Learn how to put laughter back into your life

Laughter is one of the best emotional and physical therapies for anyone under stress. It can dissipate tension just enough to have a more manageable perspective on any issue

Laughter is also so good for your physical health and well being.



10 Minute Meditation Audio

There are times in this busy world where you just need 10 minutes to re-adjust, calm down, relax and then get up and go again. This audio will relax you, then power you up again all in 10 minutes. It is recorded using 432 Hz – which is the frequency that resonates with your heart

Yes, I want to achieve change in my life

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