Turn Your Misfortunes Into Strengths

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Even though misfortunes or stumbling blocks in life can throw you off track and at times make you feel defeated and that life is ‘not fair’.

You can, quite often be at a time in your life where you need to sit up and take a look at what is transpiring in your life – do you need to make changes, make decisions or choose your next step?


Become Resilient – This requires confronting adversity.

  • By embracing new challenges, even when success seems unlikely. You increase potential for future successes.
  • Take pride in your ability to recover from missteps by learning from mistakes
  • Each time you stumble, pick yourself up. The more often this occurs, the easier it becomes to recover.

Adversity Can Empower You.

Enduring through misfortune strengthens resolve.

By becoming more persistent, your sense of resilience is reinforced.

You grow stronger, more confident, and less afraid of the challenges that await you.


Being Resilient Takes Practice And Commitment.

By pushing through the most difficult obstacles and by identifying the possibilities of improvement it is difficult to quit. Plus if you can share with others your ability to confront adversity with a positive attitude not only can they depend on you for your strength, but you are able to depend on them, too.


Repeat these really strong affirmations to help you achieve the turning of any misfortunes into strengths :

  • Today, I am resilient to adversity.
  • I embrace my failures and learn from them.
  • I gladly take on new obstacles.
  • I feel confident about enlisting the assistance of those around me, so we can face the challenge together.

Thought processes are a habit, it is good to question how you approach your life. Especially if it is change that you are after.

Try answering the following questions about how you face adversity in your life. 

What lessons do I learn from failure?

Which character traits improve my ability to be resilient?

What is the most difficult part of facing adversity?

If you find this challenging let me know, the most difficult process in life is to face your challenges as it requires you to not only address your belief system but challenges you to make the changes necessary to complete change in your life.

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