The Truth About Wisdom and How to Apply it

VosSavant e

Theres not really much more you can say to that.

It is so true and yet how often do we find ourselves just so rushed or so absorbed that we neither study or observe.

Learning from every little action in life – at work, at home or just having fun. Can take you forward in life, wisdom comes from what you learn and how you apply it.

Understanding the ‘why’s’, the ‘how’s’ and the ‘what if’s’ in life will take you along the path of truth, wisdom and knowledge.

The only way this can be achieved is if you observe, notice and value what you experience during the course of your day.

Notice what you like and what you don’t like and choose what you like the next time that situation comes around.

You always have choice in your actions, choose what fits you best and makes you feel good inside.

Knowledge and Wisdom starts from within you,

is cultivated from within you

and is expressed from the inside to the outside –

is YOU

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