4 Mini Meditations On How To Be Yourself


Just imagine what it would be like to open up more and let your natural self flow out, no more hiding things, no more behaving in a certain way just to please others. These quick self evaluating meditations can help you relax into the person that you are meant to be, it will make you…

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Compromising Secrets That Stops Relationship Dramas Dead in Its Tracks

photo  da

To help you make your life and relationships run more smoothly, the ability to compromise is a skill that can be learned. Even if the concept sometimes seems challenging to implement. Make your life a little easier for yourself and others. Here are some of  advantages of compromising, as well as some tips for finding middle ground.…

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Learn To Splash A Little


It’s a cool blue, makes you want to dive beneath the surface to feel the smooth flow of the water on your skin. You never know what you will find beneath the surface, sometimes good things, sometimes not so good. The islands in the distance are only a small part of the land mass, most…

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