Do You Have The Resilience To Power Walk Through Life


7 Concepts Of Resilience To Power Walk Through Life Is it possible to change the way we react to negative circumstances? What are the best behaviours to develop to improve resilience? Balance in our lives from the Intellect, Body and Energy – or Mind-Body-Spirit, brings together all experiences, emotions and understanding to create a balanced…

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Are You On Your Own Path Or Someone Elses?

Are You Following Your Own Life Path

Are You Following Your Own Life Path, or Someone Else’s? It’s not easy to find your own life path through the world. You might have interests that don’t coincide with the values of others. Therefore it’s important to remember that everyone is different, and while the status quo might work for the majority of the population,…

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Confessions Of A Happiness Guru


It Is Your Life Choices That Contribute To True Happiness.   Material possessions can give you a short term spike – until you feel the need for something else. Making great choices in life can give you not only happiness but the boost and the confidence that you know you are truly following your own…

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Top 10 Habits To Eliminate If You Want To Be Happy


Are your habits putting a damper on your mood? Did you know that……….. Your habits create your life Habits are formed from our earliest childhood experiences, we react without even knowing that what we are doing is performing a ‘learned habit’. Every day we re-enact behaviours that were learned unconsciously. It takes time and patience to…

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Get Rid of Misery Once and For All


If happiness is escaping you at the moment, then why not stop and have a look at what is around you. Your family, your home, your job, your life. In order to bring happiness and a sense of order and contentment back into your life you will need to take a step back and really…

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