Confessions Of A Happiness Guru


It Is Your Life Choices That Contribute To True Happiness.   Material possessions can give you a short term spike – until you feel the need for something else. Making great choices in life can give you not only happiness but the boost and the confidence that you know you are truly following your own…

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4 Mini Meditations On How To Be Creative


Brighten your days with the same creativity you had as a child. Don’t give up playing, an open childlike view on life can give you valuable insights into handling big challenges. Follow these mini meditations to broaden your own horizons and have more fun in your life.  You will also help others to see that…

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Shocking: I Only Rated 3 Out Of 10

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Have a look at the questions below and be really honest when you answer them. I looked at them and was shocked at the low level at which I placed my own self importance. Basically I realised that I did not allow much time for myself to do the things I really wanted to do. My…

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