Open Your Mind To A Better Life – Part 1

Open Your Mind

Open your mind to set yourself free and allow yourself to clearly live within the present moment. Did you realise that an open mind allows you to define who you are and what you are about.

It allows you to become yourself, to feel secure, confident and in control of your destiny. Whereas a closed mind can only operate in the boundaries that you give it.

For example when I was 39 I did one of those crazy things that people do every now and again. I decided that I wanted to do a 10,000ft open your mindfreefall parachute jump. I trained for it; how to open the chute, how to land and roll and I was ready to go.

It wasn’t until the door of the plane opened that it really hit me what I was doing. I had to climb out of a perfectly safe aeroplane. OMG.

The force of the air rushing in was so powerful it was battering my face. It took all my willpower, all my strength, all my intention and determination to step out of that plane.

So I did it with gusto – one step at a time haha. The most exhilarating feeling engulfed me as I let go and fell towards the earth.

I was falling at an incredible speed my face was vibrating and shaking with the rush of the wind. The force made it hard for me to move my hand towards the pull cord that opened my parachute. However I felt in total control of my destiny at that point.

I pulled the cord and swung on the end of my parachute as it opened.

It filled with air and slowed my descent, all I could hear was the whispering of the wind and the flapping of the parachute silk. It was open – I would live. I rejoiced as I floated down towards the earth slowly.

It was while I was observing how small everything was from this height, when it occurred to me that my mind was like a parachute. It was my choice to open the chute, but I knew it definitely wouldn’t open unless I opened it.

Your mind is like a parachute – it wont work unless you open it.

We are often guided or led by our past experiences in the decisions that we make each and every day. When we could experience new behaviours and ideas if we are willing to open our minds to change.

Here is a list of my musings that you might want to consider, they outline the difference an open mind can have in your everyday life.

Open your mind so you can ‘see’ or access what you need to know.

When your mind is closed because you ‘already know’ then you cannot grow or learn in a deeper way.

Once you ‘get it’ it’s like someone switched the light on, the room is flooded with light and you can ‘see’ everything clearly for the first time. Or, like when you put your glasses on or even just clean them, everything is much clearer.

Open your mind so you can hear or listen to what you need to know.

When your mind is closed you don’t open up to deeper listening, you only hear what you want to hear.

Once you ‘get it’ it’s like someone has taken the mufflers off your ears and everything is crystal clear. You hear what is being said with a deeper understanding.

Open your mind so you will say only what needs to be said.

When your mind is closed you cannot communicate clearly, your tongue is tied and the words do not make sense.

Once you ‘get it’ you will speak so clearly that understanding dawns on those that you speak to. It’s like the trickling brook of a river that is pleasant to hear. It is the key to understanding by those who listen to your words.

Open your mind so you will feel with your gut or intuition what you need to know or do.

When your mind is closed you block out those ‘inner feelings’ that could guide you where you need to go.

Once you ‘get it’ it’s like having your own compass to guide you towards the outcomes you are looking for.

Open your mind so you have the spirit of joy and happiness within you.

When your mind is closed your spirit is unable to come through to you. Your senses are shuttered and the quiet voice of your soul cannot be heard.

Once you ‘get it‘ you know and understand that opening your mind can change your life for the better.

There are certain things you can implement to help you open your mind and to keep it open as much as possible. We will discuss that in Achieve A Better Life In The Present Moment

Meanwhile take the time to muse over what you have just read and please feel free to leave any comments below.

Plus you can also download for free my 25 Tips To Open Your Mind For A Better Life – these tips will help you to feel more in control of your own life by opening your mind to different actions you can take to improve your daily habits.

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