New Perspectives Can Change Your Life


Did you know that the way you approach each day largely determines the kind of life you have?

Changing your perspective can be enlightening giving you a fresh look at situations. It is so powerful that it can even open your eyes to see a person differently.

It is very likely that at some point in your life you will have experienced a troublesome issue – and not until you decided to adjust how you looked at the situation were you able to clarify the issues and find a solution.

This is changing your perspective or your outlook. By taking the time to observe your reactions you can consciously choose a different path. All you need is the confidence in your ability to do this – and then follow it through.

If you want to invoke change in your life, try applying these techniques below to change your perspective. You’ll discover the power you have over your own life and be thrilled with the results.

Try the following strategies to alter your perception for more positive results in your life:

  1. Believe the improbable. Maybe you don’t think something is possible. But what if your desire could become a possibility by just changing your perspective?

For example, maybe you’ve tried dieting over and over again without getting the results that you want. But what if this time, you shift your perspective from dieting to changing your lifestyle. You could then state with confidence, “I am losing weight and getting fit.”

  1. Vow to be more accepting. New people and situations are inevitable. Sometimes, the best way to change your perspective is to be open to new ideas brought by your new acquaintances. Why not see what happens if you’re more open-minded and accepting? Tell yourself you’re letting go of your “old” templates for looking at things.
  2. Seek a more positive lifestyle. Whenever you want to enhance your life, shift the way you see something to a more positive position. Let’s say your two sisters went out shopping and didn’t invite you to go. You might feel left out, rejected, and even angry about it. But what if you were to view the situation differently, even positively?

Perhaps they didn’t really plan to shop. Maybe it happened spontaneously out of a need they both had to go shopping for something right then. Plus, your birthday’s coming up in 2 weeks. Maybe they’re planning a special surprise for you.

Recognize that when you focus on having a more positive life

your perspective will change for the better

  1. Avoid any old ways of looking at things. When you make the connection that your perspective is what creates any discontent you feel, you can then choose to view things differently. For example, let’s say you usually think your boss gives you the project with the most work just because he wants to dump on you.

What would happen if you were to shift your perspective to the idea that your manager trusts you most to successfully complete the most challenging projects? You’d feel a lot differently about your boss, job, and your own abilities.

  1. Give people another chance. Even if someone has upset you, entertain the idea that it wasn’t intentional. Maybe they were having a rough day or made a mistake in judgment. Perhaps a misunderstanding took place between you. One of the best ways to create change is to change how you respond to those around you.

A beautiful strategy to change your perspective is to let go of a grudge. After all, grudges and anger hurt you far more than they hurt the other person.


In Brief:

  • Let go of your “old” templates so you can look at things in a new light
  • Focus on having a more positive life and your perspective will change for the better
  • Create change by responding positively to those around you
  • Negative feelings towards another hurt you far more than they hurt the other person


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