Learn To Splash A Little


It’s a cool blue, makes you want to dive beneath the surface to feel the smooth flow of the water on your skin.

You never know what you will find beneath the surface, sometimes good things, sometimes not so good. The islands in the distance are only a small part of the land mass, most of it you can’t see because its beneath the cool blue.

Each and everyone of us has emotions or feelings hidden beneath our cool exterior. Some good, some not so good. When you are brave enough to take a dive to see what you can uncover, its sometimes so revealing that you really don’t want to reveal much at all.

Yet by uncovering our deep dark secrets and allowing them to the surface, the waters are cleared of any muddy puddles. Meaning you are free to move on and keep feeling the smooth flow of your life.

Until you find the next muddy puddle – but that will be another day.

Do you have many muddy puddles in your life?

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