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You're About To Discover The 3 Critical Keys Needed To Take You To The Next Level To Unlock Your Inner Power And Catapult You Forward In Your Life, Easily And Naturally

In this letter I'll show you how to access your Personal Inner Advisors - we all have them- so you can gain more control over how you think, how you act and how you can make those good decisions that propel you forward in life.


You Already Have Everything You Need

Hi, in the next few minutes I’m going to reveal how you can stop feeling stuck, eliminate those anxious feelings and finally re-direct your life by accessing your inner knowledge

My name is Janis Rowell and I’m a normal everyday person - just like you – and I had questions that needed answering. For the past 25 years I had been working hard at finding those answers. I wanted to make changes in my life but found that I just kept getting stuck.

It seemed as though I always took one step forward and two steps back. Just like gravity no matter how high I jumped I always snapped back to where I started.

I read book after book and attended many seminars. I did learn a lot and started to feel really good. But when I took a long hard look at myself, if I was really honest I realized that I still wasn’t making that much progress.

I learned that happiness has a personal definition and happiness always comes from inside. It makes no difference what your goals are, it makes no difference what your circumstance are.

In order to feel those ‘happy feelings’ I discovered that I needed to journey inside and establish order, dominion and control over my own thoughts.

Simply put I decided that in order to change things in my life I had to take control on the inside. I had to literally turn myself inside out.

After being so frustrated and very nearly giving up, the truth finally dawned on me. I realized that everything is already present within you to make those changes. You just need to learn how to access it and let it all out.

It’s called your inner power. It’s all the inner wisdom that’s developed over many decades of life. Right now it’s buried in your subconscious mind. Freeing it is the key to breaking through and creating the life of your dreams.

Your Inner Power Is That Force That Resides Within You

  • The Power To Control How You Think
  • The Power To Change Bad Habits
  • The Power To Deal With Stressful Situations
  • The Power To Make Good Decisions That Propel You Forward In Life
  • The Power To Recognise The Real You - Not The Hidden You
  • The Power To Regain Control Of Your Life Using Direction And Choice

Although your mind is programmed to do the best for you – you may find that it is not serving you the best right NOW.

Ask yourself:

What about your heart? – Do you feel empty?

What about how you feel? – Are you happy?

What is your body telling you? – Do you have low energy, and get sick too often?

Do you feel drained with no energy left to do the things that you really enjoy?

Do these feelings make you feel irritable and angry?

Do you wish your life felt more inspired?

If so…

You Need To Unlock Your Inner Power with These 3 Critical keys

Like I mentioned earlier, your inner power is buried in your subconscious mind. Right now, you only get a taste of it during those rare moments of inspiration, or when all the right pieces line up.

If you want to change your life, then you need to unlock your subconscious and let your inner power out.

Here Are Those 3 Critical Keys:

1.  Understand How Your Mind REALLY Operates.

2.  Reprogram Your Mind

3.  Turn Your Life In A New Direction

Now these 3 Critical Keys sound quite simple but they aren't easy to put into action.

After all, we’re talking about rewiring your mind for success. We’re talking about shutting off all the nonsense internal chatter that block you from unleashing your potential.

To Quickly And Easily Use These 3 Keys, You need The Right System

After years of painstaking research and trial and error, I finally discovered a foolproof system that shows you how to identify the 3 keys and start using them quickly in your life.

This system will use the 3 critical keys to help steer your life on a new course, laying new ground for you to explore and unleash your inner power.

I’ve put this system together for you, and want to give you a chance to start using it today.




This program gives you everything you need to start using the 3 keys IMMEDIATELY to begin making your mind work for you, rather than against you.

Think how good this will feel when you're finally able to unleash your inner power and break through the biggest obstacles in your life.

The best part?      It only costs $17     $7

You will receive 3 Audios and 3 Special Reports that will show you step by step how to Take Control Of Your Mind putting control, balance and happiness back into your life.

The real beauty about this is that the audios can be downloaded to your phone so you can listen while traveling in your car to work or while walking or running.

The reports can be read to confirm all that you have listened to, sometimes all it takes is one small simple tweak to what you are already doing and you are propelling yourself forward.

With your mind working for you rather than against you, you’ll take control of your life and manifest your dreams.

Unlock Your Inner Power Using These 3 Critical Keys

  1. Understand How Your Mind REALLY Operates.
  2. Reprogram Your Mind
  3. Turn Your Life In A New Direction

Discover Your Personal Advisors Within


  1. Show you how your experiences in life, makes you the person you are now.
  2. Give you the tools to reprogram your mind to propel you towards better and better experiences
  3. Start your new life of control, balance and happiness

Confronting Your Superego

Discover and understand the different ways your mind functions – your inner advisors - in order to play ‘Lifes Games’ successfully. You will learn how to develop greater skills increasing your ability to address whatever is thrown at you. You will learn how to release the power of control that is already within you.

How To Build A Better Balance In Life

Being out of balance creates confusion and fear. Discover how to create some simple life changes that can enhance your life balance. Giving you clarity of mind and more focus in your everyday tasks. Have that sense of achievement that will help you feel good in yourself and bring happiness back into your life.

How To Take Control Of Your Mind

Learn how to identify the triggers to behaviors or habits that continually repeat in your life. Discover how you can re-train your mind so you can have control over how you react in certain situations

Now Its Your Turn To Discover How To Take Control

Of Your Mind And Your Life

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Take Control Of Your Stress

When life is moving at a million miles an hour and stress piles up, it’s easy to overwhelmed and out of control. What if there was a way to actually make stress work FOR you?

In this special report, you’ll get back control of your life and make stress work in your favour, rather than be a burden on your life.


The Secret To REAL Positive Thinking So many of the so-called gurus out there tell you that positive thinking is the key to happiness. That’s partly true, but not the full picture. In this special report, you’ll discover how to really make positive thinking work for you so you get TRUE happiness, rather than fake happiness.


The Fear Tamer

Fear can take the wind out of your sails faster than any challenge. When you look back on your life, it’s probably giving into fear that took away the most opportunities.

As you know, most of the time fear is only in your mind. In this report, you’ll discover how fear can be harnessed and transformed into your strongest motivator.

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I have full confidence in this program and I am sure that your will get benefit from the great information and guidelines within it. However if you aren’t happy for any reason, you will receive a full refund with no questions asked. Just email me at janis@truelifejourney.com within 30 days.

You Get Everything You Need To Get Unstuck

If you are serious about putting power and control back into your life then this small investment of only $7.00 will launch you into your next phase of growth within your life. You will receive:



You will receive 3 Audios and 3 Special Reports that will show you step by step how to Take Control Of Your Mind putting control, balance and happiness back into your life.


Take Control Of Your Stress Take Control Of Your Stress
The Secret To REAL Positive Thinking The Secret To REAL Positive Thinking
The Fear Tamer The Fear Tamer

Ask yourself......"What have I got lose?.........What have I got to gain?

This is your moment. Its time to transform your life. Click the link below and begin that transformation now.
To your success,          Janis
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