Connect Your Mind, Body and Spirit

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The Connection with Mind, Body and Spirit is infused in every cell of your body.

Connect your mind, body and spirit to answer the call of challenges in a positive way. There are certain times in this world where we are all tested. We are tested on how to behave and how to treat others. 

I believe the Coronavirus is one of those times. While we are all taking care of ourselves in the best possible way, it's important to take the time to think if any of our actions are in fact hurting others.

Self love and self preservation are two separate things. It's fantastic to love yourself and your family by providing for them with the basics in life that they need. 

But are you doing it without causing scarcity and lack for others?

Bearing that in mind, our current world situation is a great opportunity to teach love, sharing and caring to your children. What a great time to find out if anyone needs your help. 

You may find neighbours or friends are stuck without transport, food or money. How good would that feel if you could help them?

Quiet times or isolation can give you a window in which to contemplate things. 

Connect your mind, body and spirit during your quiet time. Do this by breathing, meditating or relaxing without distractions like TV. 

On a personal note, contemplation can help relieve feelings of doubt and anxiety. Allowing those feelings to shift towards grounding, strength and confidence.

If you're still feeling frustrated take a step back and breathe deeply. 

Deep breathing helps to relax you and when you are relaxed you can think more clearly allowing answers to your frustrations to take place in your mind.

Try these simple tips for a better day:

Smile through your challenges because they are only temporary.
Count your many blessing every day.
Alone time is reassurance time and opportunity to steer away from negative thought and to navigate towards an encouraging and hopeful mindset.

Are you looking for more reading on being resilient in times of crisis? 

Click on this link here 


  • Lilly

    Reply Reply April 21, 2020

    Nice artwork

  • Lilly

    Reply Reply April 21, 2020

    Thank you
    For your positivity and motivation for me to keep having a go

    • Janis Rowell

      Reply Reply April 21, 2020

      Thanks Lilly, I’m pleased you enjoyed my post and yes its always in your best interests to keep having a go. 🙂

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