Confessions Of A Happiness Guru


It Is Your Life Choices That Contribute To True Happiness.


Material possessions can give you a short term spike – until you feel the need for something else. Making great choices in life can give you not only happiness but the boost and the confidence that you know you are truly following your own journey of your own making.
My happiness is of the utmost importance to me. Material possessions or status in society are insufficient to bring me true, unequivocal happiness.

Instead, it is the choices I make in life that determine my happiness.

I choose friends with positive attributes who bring out the best in me. When I choose to spend time with positive people, I am making a decision to make myself happy.

Love brings joy to my life. I feel more at peace inside when I allow myself to engage in positive, healthy interactions with friends and family that strengthen our relationships.

When I experience true love for others, I feel truly happy.

My physical fitness and health are important to help me achieve true happiness. When I treat my body well, it serves me without hesitation, so I practice the habits that keep my body in top shape.

Today, my main priority is to focus on living a life of true joy and happiness.
I know what I need in my life in order to make true happiness a reality for me, and I also know what I need to get rid of.

I vow to make the choices that bring me true happiness.

Ask yourself these questions to determine if there are any changes that you need to make in your life:
1.    Am I truly happy when others around me are happy?
2.   How do I react when a decision I have made has resulted in me feeling unsettled?
3.   Can I achieve true happiness by enjoying the simple things of life?

Have I missed anything? Please feel free to comment below – I would love your feedback.


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