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Connect Your Mind, Body and Spirit

Dreamy Boat

The Connection with Mind Body and Spirit is infused in every cell of your body. There are certain times in this world where we are all tested. We are tested on how to behave, how to act and how to treat others. Following that reasoning, I believe this is one of those times. While we…

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Do You Have The Resilience To Power Walk Through Life


7 Concepts Of Resilience To Power Walk Through Life Is it possible to change the way we react to negative circumstances? What are the best behaviours to develop to improve resilience? Balance in our lives from the Intellect, Body and Energy – or Mind-Body-Spirit, brings together all experiences, emotions and understanding to create a balanced…

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Are You On Your Own Path Or Someone Elses?

Are You Following Your Own Life Path

Are You Following Your Own Life Path, or Someone Else’s? It’s not easy to find your own life path through the world. You might have interests that don’t coincide with the values of others. Therefore it’s important to remember that everyone is different, and while the status quo might work for the majority of the population,…

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How To Stop Breaking Promises To Yourself

Breaking promises

How To Stop Breaking Promises That You Make To Yourself   How many times have you promised yourself you were going to save money, lose weight, or clean out the junk drawer in the kitchen? If you’re like me then you will have been breaking promises everyday… You’ve likely made thousands of promises to yourself…

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Achieve A Better Life In The Present Moment

present moment

In Open Your Mind To A Better Life Part 1 we talked about what an open mind was and how it differed to a closed mind. Today we will look at how to keep your mind in the present moment and in turn give you a better life. Being present; in this present moment will keep…

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Open Your Mind To A Better Life – Part 1

Open Your Mind

Open your mind to set yourself free and allow yourself to clearly live within the present moment. Did you realise that an open mind allows you to define who you are and what you are about. It allows you to become yourself, to feel secure, confident and in control of your destiny. Whereas a closed…

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