Before Its Too Late Learn These 5 Important Life Lessons


If you could start over again, imagine how you would be if you chose a different career and put your time and energy into different things. There are many lessons in life and 5 lessons you can learn right now.

Consider how these lessons might apply to your life and you could live the remainder of your life feeling passionate, joyous, and fulfilled!

1  Pleasing everyone is an impossible task.

There’s no way to make everyone happy, even if you’re the kindest, smartest, funniest person ever – someone out there won’t like you. So do what you can to please others while making sure you also please yourself. Everyone else is usually too preoccupied with their own life, to worry about your successes and failures.

2  Health is only important to us when it’s failing.

Get a head start and begin taking care of yourself today.  After you develop a few aches and pains that never go away, you start to realise that your body will eventually fail you. Make healthy eating choices, cut down on alcohol and gear up on some exercise.

3  Consider money as a form of energy exchange.

It is a necessary part of life, but it doesn’t solve all your problems. Learn to value your time and your money. Both money and love are necessary, just not for the same things.

4  Procrastination and TV is a stealer of time.

There are only so many tomorrows. We put off everything until tomorrow, Monday, or next year. Time is passing by. You don’t know how many more tomorrows you’ll enjoy. Get busy making the most of them.

Television is a big, sucking, black hole. If the best thing you can find to do with your time is watch television, you might consider working on your life. No one ever improved their existence via the power of TV. It’s a highly effective way to distract yourself, but it solves nothing.

5  You’ll regret the things you didn’t do more than the things you did.

When you look back on your foolish choices, you’ll laugh. When you look back on the things you didn’t do, you’ll feel a sting that never goes away. If you’re not risking your life, take your best shot.

Always apologise quickly. Life is too short for petty disagreements and grudges. Be the bigger person and apologise.

Consider these lessons to be the message your older self might tell you today.

You can take advantage of the wisdom you haven’t experienced yet.

Why not live now like the wise person you’ll someday become?


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