Back to Basics: Harness Your Power


An important factor on how you feel, is determining the type of energy that surrounds you. The energy you have on the inside will affect your mood on the outside in a positive or negative way.

You can use positive energy to manifest your ultimate destiny. This power is already inside of you, and starting today you can begin to harness it.

Your world is shaped by what you do and how you think about yourself. The way you see your future will manifest itself in your reality.

If you see yourself as happy and healthy, you’re more likely to feel that way. If you see yourself reaching your goals, you’re more likely to work for and attain them.

Hang on to those dreams you have in your heart.

When you dream, feel the feelings – the smell, the touch, the happiness. Work towards your destiny, using your powerful mindset to make the approach easier, that’s where positive energy comes into the picture.

Meet Your Goals Through Positive Thinking

Lots of people today have a negative mindset, but you can choose to be different. You can keep thinking positive thoughts and ensure that you’re working towards what you want to experience.

Believe you can achieve what you set out to accomplish, remain focused and positive about your experiences.

To help you stay positive about reaching your destiny, try to:

  •  Avoid spending time with or listening to negative people.
  •  Take time each day to meditate on what you really want to see in your life.
  •  Plan your time and energy, so it’s not wasted on less important things.
  •  Focus on reaching your goal and visuslize it in your mind.
  •  Spend time with others who share your goals, dreams, and values.

Shaping your destiny using positive energy is easier than most people think.

The key is your refusal to give up!

It may take some time before you begin to see the positive results you’re after. But your destiny is worth the wait. So long as you have life, you have hope and a future. Internalise and meditate on this truth every day.

When you tap into your potential and think positively about that potential, you’ll receive the strength to help you grow and develop as a person.

Visualise where you’ll be in a week, a month, a year, and in five years.

Take the time to see and feel these pictures in your head, so you have a clear image in your mind of what success looks like.

Set big goals, dream big dreams. When you speak to yourself about these dreams, talk about when you reach your goals.

You really can harness positive energy to manifest the destiny of your dreams, starting today!

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