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In Open Your Mind To A Better Life Part 1 we talked about what an open mind was and how it differed to a closed mind. Today we will look at how to keep your mind in the present moment and in turn give you a better life.

Being present; in this present moment will keep your mind open and alert. Beingness is using your inner power, your own energy to be yourself no matter what is going on around you.

You can achieve this by:

Being Quiet;  Focused;  Yourself; Relaxed;  Accepting; Loving;  Boisterous;  Fun. The list goes on. ‘Being present’ means what you are doing at the time should be your only focus – that you are totally focused on that one task. The optimum word here is Being – just BE.

This is the journey of life. From the past, we have heard of great tales of people chasing the Holy Grail. One description of The Holy Grail is as a cup or goblet that will give you everlasting life.

What if I told you the Holy Grail is within you and the only journey in life that you need to take is within you to find it?

Your journey inside to free yourself of your own restrictions will take you to your very own Holy Grail. You will find clarity, understanding and ‘beingness’ within your Holy Grail, within yourself.

Open your own parachute and jump into your journey towards a better life in this present moment:

Your life journey is about you finding your own Holy Grail. Therefore finding the freedom, joy and love that it will bring you, and it is especially relevant to only you.

Most important of all, your Holy Grail can’t be bought and it cant be stolen.

But it can be hidden from view and buried deep down inside of you. As a result it does need to be unearthed and brought out into the open to allow you to shine….

There are millions of ways this can be achieved. Because there are millions of people on this planet and we are all unique.

We are unique and individual in our own right and yet we all belong to each other, we are all part of the whole aspect of humanity.

That is how if one hurts, we all hurt. Therefore if we hurt another we actually hurt ourselves. Our connections with each other is as one.

As a result our journey takes us closer and closer to that universal substance which exists under a variety of names. All of us take the journey, its called life and you can choose to travel in two ways:

  1. You can travel in the light of understanding and knowledge.
  2. Or, you can take the opposite road and choose to travel in the dark, consequently stumbling through life hoping that things will get better.

Open your mind to this present moment

Try some of the following exercises to start you off on your journey but remember that being present with whatever you are doing is the secret to keeping in the moment with an open mind.

Avoid living on autopilot. Instead, pay attention to your surroundings and feelings.

  • Savour the taste of one tiny piece of food. Pick a favourite food item and learn to savour a tiny portion.
  • Close your eyes and focus on smell. Using a different sense can help you.
  • Focus on your connections to the world. This includes your friends, family, co-workers, and others.
  • Focus on your present moment mindset for at least five minutes each day. By setting aside a few minutes each day, you will begin to notice your surroundings and learn to appreciate them.

Do not make conclusions about a choice until you understand the reason behind it. Take the time to speak with others to prevent yourself from being judgmental.

Embrace each opportunity to understand the views of someone else. Therefore remain open to learning new ideas because it allows you to live more creatively.

An open mind gives you the chance to see the world from someone else’s viewpoint. To learn how another person thinks, makes decisions, and lives; can often increase your own knowledge or skills.

In conclusion having an open mind can increase your learning, your understanding, your knowledge and your skills. But best of all it can make your life so much better, because your are learning to live an authentic life by being true to your own inner being.

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Open your mind to BEING the physical embodiment of all that you are right NOW




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