8 Ways To Use The Wisdom Of Moderation

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It is very wise to seek moderation in all things. It’s easy to get caught up in pursuing more of everything we enjoy, but a surer path to a happy and meaningful life is moderation. You can learn a lot from Aristotle and find many practical ways to achieve balance in your life.

The Principles of Moderation

1   Study the Greek Philosopher Aristotle. Pick up a quick study guide or you can read the entire Nicomachean Ethics. You’ll learn to understand that virtue comes from keeping a middle path between excess and deficiency.

2   Develop Your Good Habits. Be moderate about moderation. Start with simple daily choices that build a strong foundation. Skip the second helping of dessert or clear out one shelf at a time in your garage.

3   Being Flexible. As moral evaluation can get very complicated, its important to keep an open mind to find new approaches to common dilemmas like conflicts with your in-laws or sticking to your budget. Seek feedback from others while you work on solutions that work for you.

4   Be Present in Each Moment.  Enjoy the aroma of your morning coffee, listen to the birds sing as they welcome the dawn. Learn to tune into the pleasures that already surround you in each moment.

5   Understand How Habits Grow. Our brains get used to the same old stimulation and stop responding. That’s why the excitement over a new car can dissipate so quickly. Good character and spiritual accomplishments last much longer.

6   Put Off Gratification. Increase your patience and get to like the feeling of anticipation. Anticipation is one of the most effective skills for success in life.

7   Indulge Yourself. Do not deny yourself, you can still have a good time. Just buy the one pair of shoes you really love instead of buying out the whole store.

8   Set a Good Example. In addition to making your own experiences more rewarding, moderation will help you become a better role model. Your kids will see how to live well and find true happiness.

Seeking moderation in all things pays off.

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