7 Ways To Make Persistence Pay

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Plan to Finish What You Start

Have you ever choked under pressure and wondered if you would finish completing a job, task, or project? If this has happened to you, you might have ended up feeling disappointed in your own abilities and even worse – feeling guilty.

High expectations and the difficulty level or time required to complete the task could make you want to give up, even though your desire for an end result is high.

How do you persist when you’re challenged in meeting your goals? Where do you stand when it comes to persevering until a job is complete?

If you find you struggle to complete what you start, these 7 steps are for you:

  1. Be Consistent. If you stay with working consistently toward your goal, chances are good you’ll eventually accomplish it. Sometimes, it feels like you’ll never get there. When you feel that way, remind yourself you must simply keep on keeping on.
  2. When you can see results, you’ll get another burst of motivation to keep going. Maybe you completed 10% of the project last week. That’s 10% less than you have to do to finish. Have acute awareness of what you’ve already completed as well as what you have left to do. Take note of what you’ve achieved so far.
  3. Focus OnThe Positive. Being positive is a choice, so take advantage of it. Whenever you stay focused on the positive, it just makes it easier to continue plodding forward..
  4. Do not under-estimating the finish time. We’ve all had the experience of thinking we know how long we will spend to complete a particular task, only to find it takes much longer. If you must make a ball-park guess as to how much time you’ll need, it’s better to over-estimate.
  5. Promise you will persist until you prevail. Make a personal vow to finish what you’ve started. Staying conscious of what you want to do and why you want to do it and then vowing to finish will serve as motivation to help you complete your task.
  6. Recognize the time to tweak your results. There may be times when you wish to slightly alter your end goal. After all, situations and people change. Particularly for long-term projects and goals, stay focused so that you’ll identify when it’s time to make alterations. If what you want has changed, it’s okay. Just revisit the goal, tweak it, and keep moving forward.
  7. Keep momentum by setting mini-goals. If you need some extra motivation along the way, you might benefit from setting interim goals that you can easily accomplish. It feels good to see that you’re achieving your mini-goals.


In Brief:

Being persistent can be a challenge that’s well worth conquering.

Be consistent and take note of what you’ve done so far.

Stay as positive as you can and avoid under-estimating the time it will take for job completion.

Vow to finish and stay aware of what you’re doing so you can adjust your goal if you need to.

Finally, consider setting mini-goals to persist until you finish the task.

Your persistence will pay off!

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