Do You Have The Resilience To Power Walk Through Life


7 Concepts Of Resilience To Power Walk Through Life

Is it possible to change the way we react to negative circumstances? What are the best behaviours to develop to improve resilience?

Balance in our lives from the Intellect, Body and Energy – or Mind-Body-Spirit, brings together all experiences, emotions and understanding to create a balanced and ‘in tune’ personality.

How to achieve balance:

At times this balance may seem that life is at times a two-edged sword. As you question, discover and develop: who you are, where you are heading, what you want to achieve and how you are going to do it, you may experience a series of ups and downs.

Eventually, your balance settles into a steady pendulum swing instead of an erratic out of control flux. This is where the power of resilience helps to build the strength to walk through life with confidence.

To help you achieve this you can develop certain skills or concepts to help you maintain enthusiasm while moving from one opportunity to another.

The concepts listed below can be found in my new ebook “The Road To Resilience: Learn How To Power Walk Through Life With Strength”

  • Concept 1. To begin, you’ll learn about resilience and how it can enhance your life. Explore what resilience looks like in action.


  • Concept 2. Learn to handle difficult emotions with curiosity instead of with a negative reaction. Discover some key things you can do to harness the ability to keep your cool in times of chaos or confusion.


  • Concept 3. This section dives into your ability to take positive action by taking responsibility for your situation. Taking responsibility means getting curious and compassionate so you can learn and move forward with more clarity.


  • Concept 4. Times of stress can lead to isolation. Having a support system in place builds resilience by providing structure and encouragement. People who are in your community can help with problem-solving and taking next steps.


  • Concept 5. It’s difficult to be resilient if you’re giving into critical self-talk and beating yourself up. Though it can be difficult, it’s possible to change your thinking. This will, in turn, change your behaviour and perspective.


  • Concept 6. Physical exercise is an excellent source of motivation, energy, and confidence. It’s a wonderful outlet for anxiety, stress, depression, and other distress. You’ll find ways to exercise that work for you and are fun.


  • Concept 7. You can strengthen your resilience muscle by giving yourself challenges to overcome. This will improve your confidence and increase your belief in your strength. In this section, learn what you can do to set yourself up for success.

Following these seven concepts will help you to build your resilience and find a strength that you never realized you had. You have everything you need within you.

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