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Cut stress off at the source and begin your week with simple habits and easy decisions that protect your peace of mind. You’ll feel less frazzled and more alive each day.

Your health can be undermined if you suffer from chronic stress over a length of time.

If your tensions build up throughout the week, you may have trouble resting and recharging on your days off. Then, you start the next week tired out from the start.

Thinking With Clarity

  1. Edit your self-talk. Treat yourself with compassion. Acknowledge your fears and losses. Encourage yourself to keep striving.
  1. Cultivate gratitude. Remembering our blessings reminds us of our connection to each other and the divine. The world instantly looks a lot friendlier, and that’s reassuring.
  1. Let go of expectations. Of course, many outcomes in life are beyond our control. Base your confidence on your ability to adapt to setbacks and changing circumstances. Accept uncertainty, and take pleasure in the opportunity to learn and stretch your skills.
  1. Laugh it off. Most of the things that make us uneasy have their funny side. Look for the humor in really bad parking or kitchen remodeling jobs that go way over schedule.

Break the cycle with this 4-step plan to change your thought processes before it accumulates. Start your week off feeling peaceful and relaxed.