4 More Rules For Living A Hassle Free Life


As discussed the other day by more easily adjusting to new situations, you decrease the likelihood that you’ll have to deal with a hassle on any given day.

So here are 4 more rules to keep those hassles at bay.

1     Your mood is more even throughout the day. If you’re not getting freaked out by all the interruptions, changes, and unexpected challenges that your day brings, you’ll have a smoother, more positive mood. After all, there’s nothing to get flustered about if you’re flexible. You hold no grudges and spend no time feeling frustrated or upset over changes.

2    You come across as much more agreeable. A person who’s flexible recognizes that when you’re dealing with other people, there’ll be times when things and situations change. Naturally, you can adjust to any change that comes along. The people you interact with will appreciate this immensely.

3    With flexibility, you’ll expect change. When you try to anticipate what might come your way, you’re much more prepared for a shift in situations. Make a habit of asking yourself, “What changes could happen today?” You’ll be less frustrated with new situations when they crop up.

4    Decrease your perfectionism. You’ve probably worked with a perfectionist who wanted things to be just so. They would flip out if there was the slightest change in an itinerary. When you’re flexible, you avoid getting hung up on trying to be perfect and are more willing to accept things as they come.

Others will appreciate your adaptability, too. So start today, and go after that hassle-free, happy life you deserve by striving to be as flexible as possible.

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