4 Mini Meditations On How To Be Yourself


Just imagine what it would be like to open up more and let your natural self flow out, no more hiding things, no more behaving in a certain way just to please others.

These quick self evaluating meditations can help you relax into the person that you are meant to be, it will make you a lot happier and will make others realise that you are you!!

Dont just dream about who you are or who you would like to be; use these mini meditations to help you be yourself.

Look At Your Secrets

How much personal information do you keep classified? Do you protect sensitive medical data or are you hiding credit card statements from your spouse?

Weigh The Consequences

Hanging onto unnecessary secrets can cause anxiety, create distance in your relationships, and interfere with addressing important issues. Add up the pros and cons before you make anything hush-hush.

Disclose Some Material

Experiment with being more vulnerable so you can connect with others on a more profound level. Talk with your kids about a time you succumbed to peer pressure. Let a co-worker know that you’re nervous about a new project.

Feel Liberated

You’ll probably feel lighter without your secrets. Let that sense of ease motivate you to be more candid.

Create your future with your thoughts and actions. Think on who you really are. I have 4 more mini meditations for you in a few days time.


“He who believes is strong;
He who doubts is weak.
Strong convictions preceed great actions.”

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