4 Mini Meditations On How To Be Creative


Brighten your days with the same creativity you had as a child. Don’t give up playing, an open childlike view on life can give you valuable insights into handling big challenges.

Follow these mini meditations to broaden your own horizons and have more fun in your life.  You will also help others to see that a lighter more creative side of life is enjoyable.

Value Funtime

Maybe you’re used to meditating on serious subjects. Lighten up, and devote equal time to goofing around. Unstructured breaks refresh your mind and body.

Be Flexible

Adaptability enables you to understand other points of view and feel at ease during times of uncertainty. You can recover from setbacks and find the courage to take risks.

Make Believe

Telling stories provides more than entertainment. When you read with your kids, discuss your interpretation of the books. Keep a journal. Writing fiction may help you understand your thoughts even if you’re the only one who reads your work.

Celebrate Your Artistic Nature

You can be an artist while you’re practicing law or raising a family. Think creatively about your life. Develop a hobby and bring beauty into your home with flowers or music.

Well this was the last of my mini meditation series, hope you enjoyed and practiced some of them. If you walked away feeling a lot lighter and happier then that makes me happy too!

“The secret of happiness is not doing what one likes, but in liking what one does.”
James M. Barrie

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