Towards Your Own Authenticity

Have you reached that place in your life where you are searching for ‘more’ – when your intuition is telling you there is ‘more’ but you cannot quite grasp what ‘more’ is?

Have you started feeling uncomfortable, doubtful, even anxious maybe, allowing your self-confidence to take a battering?

Then you have reached ‘the place’ or ‘the time’ in your life when you want to clarify exactly who you are and what you want from life.

What Is Authentic Power?

Wanting more meaning in your life shows that you are ready for internal growth or authentic power

Authentic Power is the power that comes from within. It is the growth of the soul, so that the decisions you make in life are from the ‘source’, from your higher self, from your soul.

When decisions are made using your authentic power then your decisions come from the heart, from compassion, from love – from your truth.

How would it make you feel if you had the power to understand, to love, to be happy, to be non-judgmental about any person or situation?

Understanding yourself helps you to adjust your actions and behaviours so you can take control of your own life.

You too can have the ability to recognise yourself from an internal perspective; which means understanding your emotions, behaviours and patterns and knowing yourself – your likes, dislikes and your passions – in other words - knowing what you truly want in life.

Taking control of your own life means that you are simplifying your choices and actions because you know who you are and what you want.

I have a FREE Daily Authenticity Checklist for you to download. It is simple… and it will provoke within you thoughts that will make you sit up and closely examine the daily things in life that you do unconsciously.

This is important to look at because in order to have the power to be purposeful in your life – you need to be conscious of your actions.

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Conquer The Wilderness Within

The 'Wilderness Within' is often unchartered territory and it takes courage and determination to face the truths that might be found hidden in the depths of your being.

But once you take that step and pull back the veils that cloak the true you. You will emerge, inspired with wonder and look at life with a limitless conscious insight.

Your journey may seem mysterious and initially difficult to comprehend, so where do you start, how do you start? The truth is your intuition has already started you on the right path and you are ready to evolve into the person you have always wanted to be.

Your spirit is calling you, is empowering you to implement change from within so you can be happy, self aware, know yourself and understand what you have to offer the world.

Yes it can be done and yes you can do it. True life Journey is here to help you along your way. 

Journey to the wilderness within in order to bring out your dreams and aspirations  from your inner being and into your living world.

Start by connecting to my Blog - Journey To The Inside To Change On the Outside, which is full of great information, tips and insights to get you stepping towards your purpose in life.

Plus download my Manifesto below - just click on the button - its free. You will gain insight on how we aim to take you to a better you. 

By opening your mind to all possibilities you will raise your awareness, your consciousness and improve your attitude towards improving the quality of your life.

"External Power seems to be what most people chase and crave - the money, the fame, the importance, the control of others.

Authentic Power is the power from within, the power to understand yourself, be happy, to love, to be non-judgmental about others and situations. Abundance follows once your authentic power is realised" 

                                                                                                       Janis Rowell

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Inspiration is love in action. You are 'in spirit'.

You are acting from a place of love from inside your being.

When you are inspired you feel joy, excitement and full of energy.

Allow yourself to journey to your own wild inside, take the chance and really get to know who you are.





Hi, Janis here, I'm your guide to the wild wilderness within.

Having been through a wilderness of my own, from the depths despair and back again. I thought True Life Journey may be able to help you get you through yours.

It takes courage, dedication and patience to go deep to find your true self. So here at True Life Journey you will find reading material full of informative tips and strategies to get you through life's hiccups in a practical way.

You will also come to realise that access to your inner advisors can help you form new belief systems. True Life Journey will help you achieve a limitless conscious insight into how you can orchestrate your own life.

Browse through my blog and take advantage of the free booklets or information sheets that are available.

Coming soon: Courses to take you on a more in depth journey to the centre of your own universe allowing you to open up into the person you were meant to be.

Download my Manifesto or my Authenticity Checklist or both to keep you on track with your journey to a better you.